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Your Community Art Dealer: Muse Art Gallery

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The neighborhood Art Dealer

Muse is an interactive art gallery, that brings together community and creatives to meet, think, and create. Stephen has a passion for education and photography while Taylor enjoys the creative process of transformation. Together they encourage others to seek their purpose and passion.

Muse provides a space for creatives, to feel like they have a home as well as provide help to others have the opportunity to explore their purpose and passion.

"We are always striving to find balance. Our marriage, our son, and business all require time, attention, and patience. Being intentional, is key, and we are learning what it takes to manage steady progression in each area of our life."

"The motive behind your business and purpose for creating should be something other than money and blowing up overnight shouldn't be your business plan. There will be times when you have to dig deep inside yourself to keep going, so you can't be empty. Creation takes time, requires vision, and comes from within. It can't be copied."

Muse Gallery just celebrated one year in business. Help us celebrate them!

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