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Meet the Artist: Ray Anne Barker

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Ray Anne Barker, a modern abstract artist who loves minimalist pieces that are emotionally charged and thought provoking. "I am intentional with each shape, line, movement, and color presented in my work. I often feel trapped by an uncontrollable need to be a perfectionist and through abstract art I have been able to find freedom to let my mind explore outside the box."

Ray Anne discusses with us, her battles with anxiety and depression beginning at a young age.

My battle with anxiety & depression has been changed by allowing art to be a means of therapy and expression for things that there aren't words for. It all started as an escape. I started dealing with a lot of anxiety and need for approval in middle school which made me feel constantly overwhelmed and trapped. Art allowed me freedom from the chaos in my mind. I continued to study art through highschool and into college- I took a big break in my work after I got married and started a family. It wasn't until last year that I came back to art to help with anxiety and realized this was it, there is where I should have been all along.

Art is an expression of things seen, heard and felt. It's the translation of our senses put into color and motion...

For me, each piece of art is a journal entry allowing me to express emotions I can't always find words for.

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