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Interview: Cheeze Weez Talks His Journey & Latest Release

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

We've spent a little over four months working with, and getting to know Cheeze Weez, Owner & CEO of Fineline Boutique. A boutique where streetwear & fashion lovers can buy, sell and trade both new and used items.

In these four months of getting to know Cheeze Weez, we've discovered he is who he says he is. A family man, an innovator, song writer, business owner, and someone who relates to and has the potential to impact the next generation.

Cheeze Weez is a 28 year old, rapper from Grand Rapids, Michigan defying the odds. Growing up on the SW side of Grand Rapids, Cheeze has seen and experienced more than the average millennial. In these four months, SIX Magazine has worked closely with Boutique Owner & Operator to create and bring forth our vision of Vol. 1 Issue 1.

Q&A With Cheeze Weez

Q: How did you come up with your name?

A: Everyone used to call me T-Weezy because my real name starts with a T, Tyrone and I've always been inspired by Lil Wayne growing up, so that's where the 'Weez' came from. My boy made a joke one day, because I smile a lot "big cheese head"..... "Ol Cheeze Weez".... and my response was, "aw bro, that's hard" and its been my name since.

Q: When did you start writing/creating music?

A: I started writing in second grade, I wrote a poem and it got acknowledged and read to my entire elementary class. That moment sparked something in me, it inspired me to keep writing. I like how I can put my feelings down on paper and rhyme with it too.

Q: What inspires your music?

A: Being able to relay a memory to somebody, and tell them what I've lived through and create impact for them is the biggest reason I create music and stay inspired. Situations in my past and the memories that brought me to where I am today, good or bad gives me reason to have a platform and influence.

Q: Who are your favorite artist?

A: Wale - The old wale. The poetic Wale. Drake is always someone I go back to especially when i’m making a new album, I listen to him alot. Growing up I always listened to Lil Wayne, Tupac because of his stories.. He was so realistic. He wasn’t doing a bunch of talking on topics he didn’t know anything about.

Q: Have you always cared about fashion?

A: Yeah. When I was little me and my mom would argue, because if my mom didn’t like something she would not buy it. Which is why I am really strong on what I decide to wear, and rock it how I choose to.

Q: What does streetwear mean to you?

A: It’s another expression of someone’s personality. Brand, color, the item.. It brings something out of you.

Shot by: Kris Gibbs

Q: When did you decide to open up Fineline Boutique?

A: I never decided to open up a store, it sort of just fell into my lap. I was 27 years old when the owner of the store (store name not mentioned) decided he didn’t want to be in business anymore so I bought his inventory and we’ve been kickin’ ever since.

Q: What’s your goal for Fineline Boutique?

A: I just want to make sure ‘we’, those who rock streetwear, have the opportunity to purchase high end fashion that they cannot get locally. I believe if I do that, i’m providing a community for those who express themselves through fashion. I want Fineline Boutique to be a hub for sneakers, brands like Bape, Off White, Billionaire Boys Club, Supreme, Anti Social and KAWS. We’re still growing and making our print on Grand Rapids as a store, but I think the city rockin’ with us.

Q: How do you balance family life being a business owner?

I just try to incorporate my family as much as I can, with events or with help. I make sure they are part of the journey, my kids see firsthand what running a successful business requires. There are days they are here at the boutique with me, and we make it happen because I have to. The simple fact that my children know that this is mine, they feel at home. They run around, my son plays his video game.. They’re just totally comfortable being themselves, and that could never happen at another establishment.

Q: How do you tie in Music & Business to your everyday life?

A: I don’t. If I have a music event, or a release coming up I focus on that. If I have a fashion event, I focus on branding the store and not promoting myself. I don’t try to build my personal brand, I just do what comes naturally, and let everything else fall into place. It definitely requires balance.

shot by: Kris Gibbs

Q: If you could change anything about your career what would it be?

A: Naw. There are times where I feel like I would want to change things, but when I look back on where I came from, I feel like what I went through to get to where I’m at, it’s going to mean more when I get to where i’m going. I feel like i’m here right now, in this position because I’m supposed to be here.

There is beauty in the struggle.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Pay more attention to what’s going on around you, and not just yourself. Alot of times when I was younger, I found myself in positions I shouldn’t have been in and that was me just being careless because I wasn’t paying attention.

What advice would you give to the next?

Find a dream, and become passionate about it and never give up on it.

(2019) Most recent release and collaborated project, Allstate produced by The Seventh.

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