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East To West: Top 10 Artist To Look Out For (Michigan)

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

A Curated List of Top 10 Artist to Look Out for (2019)

Every day, the music scene grows and changes, from east to west. East to West is the embodiment of what's happening not only in the music scene, but also culturally, these 10 artist are leading the pack in their own right. We, at Six Magazine have a mission to highlight and promote their happenings. Be prepared, they're heating up the summer.

East To West 2019 List:

  • Charity

  • The Seventh

  • Bevlove

  • Perrier Rosewood

  • Shabazz

  • Hope Waidley

  • James Lewis

  • Mondo

  • A Phly Rose

  • Supa Kaine

The Seventh


Hometown: Grand Rapids

Latest Project: 7Twinty

Notable Songs: Money Flips, 13th Hour



Hometown: Detroit

Latest Project: Black Magic

Notable Songs: Millennials, Undescribeable

Perrier Rosewood


Hometown: Detroit

Latest Project: Who Can I Run To

Notable Songs: What She Like, Bandos

James Lewis


Hometown: Grand Rapids

Latest Project: Color Theory

Notable Songs: Take You There, Will Kill



Hometown: Detroit

Latest Project: Letters

Notable Songs: Carried Away, Do What I Say

Hope Waidely


Hometown: Grass Lake

Latest Project: To My Mother

Notable Songs: Drunk On You, Temporary Lover



Hometown: Grand Rapids

Latest Project: Last of a Dying Breed

Notable Songs: Scorpio, Made Men

A Phly Rose


Hometown: Grand Rapids

Latest Project: Pollinate

Notable Songs: Pollinate, All I Want

Supa Kaine


Hometown: Detroit

Latest Project: Don't Take It Personal

Notable Songs: Get Like Me, Pencils



Hometown: Grand Rapids

Latest Project: IMPALA

Notable Songs: Right Now, See You In My Dreams

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